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Become an online student to get unlimited access to all of our classes. It’s the fastest way to learn and grow in your spiritual walk with us. Spiritual Mentorship Academy has been successfully training, activating and empowering many believers to step into their calling and purpose. If you're looking for a community of believers to learn, grow and prosper with now's the time to join today! Join us to go deeper in revelation for our personal ministry journey.

What You Will Learn From Our Academy

+ OVER 80HR OF TRAINING INSIDE: SCHOOL OF MENTORSHIP get full access to all up & incoming classes + all previous trainings over the past 2 Years...

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How Long is Our Mentorship?

We have a year round mentorship school. With already DFY classes and courses you can learn year round. 1 year minimum of School of Mentorship, completing class assignments. You can unenroll at anytime. However, when you choose to do so you'll no longer have access to our training platform.

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Does our Mentorship School include Spiritual Covering?

Occasionally, we have many who connect with us for a season but reside under other spiritual leaderships. But, majority who are apart of our mentorship classes are under our spiritual care as their apostolic leaders.

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What about Married Couples?

If couples want to join, they don't have to optin individually. This will make access easier and convenient for both parties.

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What about Ordinations?

With a minimum of 1 year training within School of Mentorship, at the set time Daniel & Rachel Emerson will arrange with you a speaking & ordination event where you will receive graduation documentation & ordination records.

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Who is this for?

One who's ready to walk out their purpose and calling. Do you desire spiritual mentoring with a community to learn and grow from? Do you want to learn more about the bible while developing your spiritual gifts? Do you hunger for deeper revelation while connecting with new believers? Have you been praying for leadership, biblical equipping and schooling?

Yes, then this is for you!

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Featured Course: Spiritual Warfare - Intensive Bootcamp

Destroying the Works of the Enemy and Cultivating a Victory Mindset. The Spiritual Warfare - Intensive Bootcamp is a octane fuel training on Spiritual Warfare. You can expect a deep dive behind enemies lines to learn the tactics of war. How to breakthrough walls of warfare within my region? Learning to discern personal strongholds and how to overcome them. Discovering the weapons of warfare, engaging the enemy and overcoming adversity in any part of your life. If you're ready to join the Intensive Bootcamp, become a partner to access this training.


Featured Course: School of Glory - Intensive Bootcamp

This course is designed to acquaint you with the truth of God’s Word concerning who you are in Christ, and what wonderful benefits have been granted to you as a believer in Him. You can expect teaching on The Glory Realms a powerful revelation concerning "places in Christ and heavenly realms" that we can access, operate in and see manifest on earth. You are able to access the throne of grace by faith and enjoy the very presence of God. You are invited to lay hold of every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ. In this Intensive you'll learn to do just that and more.


get full access to all up & incoming classes + all previous trainings over the past 2 Years...

  • Biblical Foundations: Building Your Life Upon The Foundations of Faith

  • School of Encounter: How To Encounter God's Spirit For Divine Revelation In Life

  • Tactical Warfare Bootcamp: Destroying The Gates Of Hell & Walking In Supernatural Victory

  • Leadership Development: Walking Out Your Divine Call & Developing Your Spiritual Capacity As A Leader

  • The Prophetic Bootcamp: Understanding The Spirit of Prophecy & Unlocking The Power of The Prophetic Anointing

  • Breaking the Power of Witchcraft: Annihilate The Grip Of Witchcraft & Understand The Patterns Of Occult Practice

  • School of the Anointing: Discover The Power Of God's Anointing & How To Operate In The Spiritual Gifts

  • Powerhouse Harvesters: A Complete School On Power Evangelism & How To Harvest Souls For The Kingdom Of God

  • The Dreams School: Unlocking Your Dream Life & Understanding Dream Interpretations

  • The Deeper Realms of Revelation: Understanding Numbers, Power of Sound, Light/Colors and Symbols

  • And Much More: Biblical Meditation, Intercessor Prayer, Divine Healing & Deliverance, ect.

A more accelerated lifestyle of growing spiritually

With our online weekly mentorship classes and in-depth school available to educate, cultivate and graduate your walk with Christ you can experience a more effective and impactful supernatural lifestyle.

What to expect

And what's inside?

Our School of Ministry Collection! All inclusive schools, live trainings and mentorship classes at your finger tips. Learn from 80+ hours from our ATR Global Online School. This is our close knitted mentorship community with like minded believers who are focused on their development, purpose in Christ and destiny.

Includes: All access to new additional training ​schools and live boot camps.

Includes: Weekly Uploaded Training (Inside SMA Student Hub) including Audio Lessons & Training Manuals.

Feature: Direct Access inside of our SMA Student Hub along with a private messenger group for weekly updates & Q&A

Benefit: Private growing community where we meet, pray together, ask questions and get weekly updates.

Perk: One Large Vault. Access Volumes of training. Upgrade your knowledge of the Bible. Walk in your purpose. Weekly updates.

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Don't waste another moment reconsidering. If you're here it's because you're ready to learn and grow into your calling and purpose for Jesus. This online school and community welcomes you! So, if you want all our trainings above get enrolled today. Invest in yourself, and invest into this Kingdom Vision.


"The most efficient and effective teaching I've seen in years. If you're hungry to go deep.. Here you go."

Thanks Apostle Daniel

"The thoroughness in each manual specifically broken down within bite sized lessons. Perfect!

Who needs Netflix's?

"The unlearning and upgrading my views of the bible and our place as a Christian has drastically has shifted."

Find Your Balance.

Master Your Season.

Upgrade + Evolve.

Take A Challenge.

Set Your Goals.

Go Next Level .

Exclusive Inner Circle Coaching Experience that provides an atmosphere to personally develop, evolve and upgrade their living experience. Perfect for those ready to experience The Next Level for their lives.

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